Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Getting Things Done

Jason pointed out to me that I keep posting pictures of the room all a mess or just cleaned up, but few pictures of what I do that gets the room messy in the first place. Above is just one of many, I will post pictures hopefully everyday this week of things I've made. I made the above with the girls one of the days we had craft time. This is where I do most of my work. I like having all these things so close to hand, and it is no problem to put the sewing machine on the table and get busy! These drawers hide a world of mess. I still need to go through the top three and get them organized, but at least I can see the top and everything has a place. Jason found these shelves for me last time we were at Mike's, a neat antique mall not far from here. The bottom shelf is actually a cedar trunk sans lid. It was $20, Jason made shelves for it, and I love it!! The top one was white and filthy, I cleaned it and painted it. They now hold most of my fabric, yes, I have purged that much. Much, much better. What is more, I know I can finish the semester strong now that I don't have this messy room pulling at me to come and clean rather than just do a small project or part of a project and then get back to work!
I want to write about the diet changes and how it's affecting my life. But I think that will wait till tomorrow.

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