Friday, December 25, 2009

Ah, Christmas

This is my favorite Santa this year. He's so sweet, and innocent, very child-like. I know that is not what St. Nick was or that it is what Christmas is about, but that innocent joy and unabashed love are so endearing and very much a part of my Christmas memories.
I dread the day when Joella's kids are too old to want stories. Every year I find ornaments for each of them and come up with a story for each one. Aiden's have been ongoing and about the same main character who I thought up because as a baby he never wanted to be still. We rocked and bounced constantly and that seemed to sooth him, which made me think he'd have good sea legs and so stories about a sailor have be a recurring theme for him. The girls' tales tend to have a fairy tale element in them, and I like to have some sort of moral, or at least sentiment in there as well. This year is no different. I hope at least one of them likes to read. I'll have quite a book to give each of them someday, full of stories writ just for them.
Merry Christmas all!

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PCarriker said...

Thank you so much for stopping by and your encouraging words, they mean a lot!
Your blog looks fab, love the banner/background.