Sunday, December 20, 2009

Good Times

These are the first two Santa's Meredith gave me. She's good at picking the one's with that "something" in their faces. I'm going to have such a hard time putting these guys away!
Christmas at the Sinco's went well. That was the label I put on the smallish x-mas party Jason and I had last night. There was good food and good friends, what more can a person want? Preparation for the festivities were more labor intensive than we'd thought they would be, but also were completely worth it. We decided to rearrange a few things in the guest room and study, which we both tend to call my room. Originally we were going to have a room were we'd have all the books and a couple comfy chairs and our desks. but the room is really too small to do that justice and I had to have a place for my sewing and crafting things and doings. Thus the rearranging. Now the books are mostly in the guest room and looking quite nice I must add. Jason found some nice shelves for a steal at a flea market and we cleaned them up and he made extra shelves to fit inside them and viola! It is a beautiful site.
I also learned a valuable lesson. I'm only as neurotic as I let myself be. I have always, and I do mean always, had the freedom to organize and arrange my books the way I wanted, which really only makes sense to me. Friends have looked had my arrangement and wondered aloud what the pattern or sense is to it. So when we actually got to combine our libraries and organize the books, I was having a hard time letting go of my way of doing it, much less successfully explaining it. I won't go into the following details other than to say that my husband is a very loving and patient man and that I realized that he'd never organized his books before and was looking forward to the experience, and after all, they are JUST BOOKS. He did a beautiful job and I think we both feel a lot better about it.
Now, most of the crafting stuff is in the study and I have to get it organized and put away so I can finish some quilts. I will be taking photos of that to post here. I hope I continue to be proud of myself concerning the quilts. We shall soon see! Now, I have work to do, my sister will be here in less than a week!!!

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