Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Progressions of Santa's

I found this guy at a Christmas shop in VA while visiting my sis this past fall. I love how he looks carved of a log with the bark peeled back as his coat! This one holds a tea light, which I love, and he has a bell on his hat. Both of these Santa's are new this year. I am just posting Santa pics like crazy this week. I've been avoiding things these last few months. It would be nice if work (head work especially) could be done, and then you move on and it's back there where you got it done. But somethings are always there, I hope by continually dealing with them even though they don't completely vanish, I will get so good at dealing that they don't disrupt heaven and earth anymore. Wow. That was a bit cryptic. But I suspect that there are less than 4 people who read this, so I'm good.

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