Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I'm considering taking on a project that on the surface doesn't seem a big deal, but when you throw in to the mix that I'll be in school full time and working and need to keep a happy home life with my hubbens, it could prove challenging. There is also what my husband pointed out, what about all the other books I want to read and will want to read in the coming year?
What is the idea??
Reading the complete works of Charles Dickens over the course of the year 2010. Yes, I could do that easily enough, but I want to really dig into them. As a teenager I read the works of Shakespeare and filled the book with notes and such. I'm dying to do that again. I know, right, I do that for school. But I want to do it for fun! We'll see how much fun it turns out to be.
I'm currently reading Atlas Shrugged, because my husband loves it and thinks it's relevant and that I will like it too. I don't think I can finish it by Friday...but I will try. David Perdue had an informative and interesting website about Dickens, his life and work.
Will I do it? I'm leaning pretty heavily toward yes. But we shall see at weeks end.


aldeweltdorris said...

Go for it honey. Were all your notes on Shakespear in the fire? This is something that is enjoyable to you and you should do it.

Diana Hsieh said...

I hope that you like _Atlas Shrugged_! (It is indeed all-too-relevant today.) I'm posting a series of podcasts on the book. You can find them here:

Lucinda said...

Yes mom, that Shakespeare was lost in the fire. But I remember a lot of my thoughts and ideas about it, one of these years I'll redo it.
Diana, thank you for the link, I do like Atlas so far, and know my husband will want to listen to your podcasts with me.